Rent Transfer Scheme

Are you a private landlord? Stop chasing late rent payments!

Castle and Crystal can offer private landlords a secure & convenient way to receive rent payments. Your tenants now have the option of opening a credit union account* and we pay their rent, on time, direct to your bank account.

How it works

  1. Introduce your tenant to Castle and Crystal Credit Union
  2. Arrange for your tenants housing allowance to be paid to their account
  3. We forward rent to you upon receipt of your tenants housing allowance each month

Scheme benefits

  • Eliminates the inconvenience of chasing late rent payments each month
  • Ensures a regular receipt of payments, maximising convenience for both landlord & tenant
  • Reduced risk of non-payment as your tenants cannot access their rent
  • Helps demonstrate your commitment to your tenants financial well being

Costing information

For any payments you require, we charge per tenant, per transfer, dependant upon volume. Our charges, are explained below:

  • Less than 5 tenants (per month) will cost £10 per transfer
  • More than 5 tenants (per month) will cost £7.50 per transfer
  • More than 10 tenants (per month) will cost £5.00 per transfer

Transfer charges will be deducted at source from your tenants housing benefit and we will send you the remaining funds via BACS. You will be sent a Schedule and Remittance advice detailing the payment and charge’s deducted accordingly. We hope this will maximise the convenience of this service.

Dudley MBC and Castle & Crystal are concerned that the above fees are not passed on to your tenant. If this becomes apparent, the direct payment service will be withdrawn.

Interested? If you are prepared to accept our fees for this service, please contact us including your name & or business name, address and your tenants contact details and we will arrange for the relevant paperwork & agreements to be issued to both parties.

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Additional information

You should be aware that payment of housing benefit into the landlord’s bank can only be done if the tenant agrees.

Please be advised that Castle & Crystal do not get involved in tenant & landlord disputes & reserve the right to withdraw this service at any time.

*Non refundable £3 administration fee applies